Avoid these 5 common Pad Holding mistakes

By April 10, 2018December 28th, 2020Videos

Punch Mitts Workout Tips

In the above video, we’ll run you through the most common (5) mistakes by Pad Holders. Then explain how to easily correct these mistakes.

#1 Mistake: Boxing Pads are too high

The first common mistake is keeping the pads above the clients head. This means the client has to reach up for the pad and will likely lead to shoulder injuries over long periods.

So make sure you keep the pads at the correct height, which is based on the client’s height. This will help avoid serious injury. It will also improve your client’s technique as they’re punching at the correct level.

#2 Mistake: Don’t hold the Pads too wide

The next mistake is holding the pads too far away from the client. This means the client will have to reach for multiple targets. So this disrupts the flow of the session and can lead to poor boxing technique.

So keep the mitts close to your body and this will help your client perform accurate punches.

#3 Mistake: Use your voice and lead hand to re-gain client control.

The #3 mistake we see a lot is the client NOT taking control of the session. The Pad Holder should always be in control and we’ll explain how to correct this.

Firstly before the session starts, make sure you explain what the session will involve and let the client know their role. This way the client will follow your lead and also makes them feel more comfortable in your Pad Holding ability. The next tip is to be vocal (obviously not aggressive though) with your client. This will help the client effectively and accurately complete any combination. As well as keeping their footwork in sync.

#4 Mistake: Don’t let the client fool you!

The next mistake mainly happens when your client is fatiguing and throwing tired punches. In this situation, Pad Holders will generally start over-extending themselves and tire themselves out as well.

So in this case, give your client a rest and ensure they’re well rested before continuing. This will help improve the quality of your session and will leave the client feeling more confident.

#5 Mistake: Always “catch” the clients technique!

The last mistake you should look out for is not catching the clients technique correctly. This can lead to serious injuries for either the Pad Holder or the client.

So to correct this, make sure you meet each punch with some kind of force. This will ensure the client will be over-extending their joints, especially in the elbow and arm area.

This is probably the hardest Pad Holding technique to correct, so practise will make perfect as they say.