16 oz Boxing Gloves Review – Punch® Special

By April 2, 2018December 28th, 2020Product Reviews

Special 16 oz Boxing Gloves Review

This 16 oz Boxing Gloves Review is on the Special boxing gloves by Punch Equipment®.
It’s called a “Special” because it has a lot of unique features designed for serious boxers.


First of all the leather quality is the best can you get, it is 1mm thick hide. In the palm, there is no pillow which allows you to make a very tight fist. Another feature which a lot of boxers like is it’s fully ventilated. But it’s ventilated through the leather. It is just cheap mesh inside the glove, it’s full grown leather in the thumb and the palm allowing a very tight fit for boxing. Generally, the whole glove is injected moulded with a broad head and narrow front. This allows big hitters to get their punches in, but also weather the storm when they’re coping it back. So this is a specialist sparring glove with satin coloured coded linings and a beautiful, generous handfit.

V Carpel Protection

The whole glove is extremely durable that has one special feature besides the 3-inch wrist wrap, which is the V carpel protection.

This extends past the wrist and acts as a brace when the glove is forced violently backwards. So it is very comfortable when you’re doing big swinging hooks or clubbing punches. This gives you maximum protection against that leverage on your wrist

Full Leather Glove for Sparring

So for pure full leather boxing gloves with specialist features, I’d recommend this glove for sparring and big hitters. This is a Special boxing glove, AAA grade by Punch Equipment, 2-year warranty and big hitters will be happy!